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Term One 2021/2022



In October we began exploring the writing genre of recount and we learned how we use this genre to write about and retell events that have happened in the past.  We learned all about writing in chronological order, using sequential language and answering the questions ‘when’, ‘who’, ‘where’, ‘what’ and ‘why’ in our recount writing. All the pupils did extremely well with their first attempt at writing a recount of their own.  Well done everybody!

In Oral Language we have been exploring the themes ‘Thunder and Lightning’ and ‘Dinosaurs’.  Here are some words and phrases we have been learning and using –

Weather forecast, clap of thunder, flash of lightning, thunderstorm, steeple, lightning conductor, lightning strike, downpour, cloudburst

Paleontologist, fossil, humans, herbivores, extinct, species, meteorite, carnivores


We have been doing lots of work on number and pattern this month.  First class have been using the language of ordinal number, exploring the concept of subtraction and finding all the addition combinations for different numbers.  Second class have been practising their strategies for adding and subtracting, solving word problems and adding and subtracting up to 99.

All the boys and girls enjoyed dressing up in their maths clothes during the last week of October and using their ‘maths eyes’ to look for patterns, numbers, symbols and other maths concepts in the world around them.    


This month our themes in Gaeilge were ‘Ar Scoil’ and ‘Oíche Shamhna’. 

Here are some phrases to practice at home:

  • Cad atá i do mhála scoile? (What is in your school bag?) Tá ____ i mo mhála scoile.
  • An bhfuil tú réidh? (Are you ready?) Tá/Níl mé réidh.
  • Ar chuir tú ____ i do mhála scoile? (Did you put ____ in your school bag?) Chuir mé/Níor chuir mé…
  • An bhfuil cead agam ____ a fháil? (May I get ____.) Tá/Níl cead agat.


This month in SESE first class pupils have been studying the concept of ‘aerial view’ in Geography.  We had great fun finding our school on Google Earth and examining the building and grounds from an aerial viewpoint.  Try to see if you can find your house on google earth at home on a tablet, phone or computer!  

Second class have been studying the location of our school in relation to the wider world.  We have been learning a little about the counties and provinces of Ireland and also about Ireland’s location in Europe and the names of the other continents.  They also discussed the concept of ‘diversity’ and the importance of respecting all cultures.

Friendship Week

Everybody in first and second class enjoyed ‘Friendship Week’ and we all worked hard to get to know our buddies from the older classrooms while following all the restrictions to stay safe! We created some lovely acrostic poems and we made special friendship cards for our buddies.  We even enjoyed a zoom call with Ms. O’Keeffe’s class. 

We especially enjoyed buddy dress up day.  Please follow this link to see some photos of our matching outfits!

Food Dudes

We enjoyed the lovely fresh fruit and vegetables that the ‘food dudes’ sent us during the first week of October.  Everybody made a special effort to eat healthily and to try out some new fruits and vegetables during food dudes week.  Going forwards we hope we can continue to have healthy lunches by putting one portion of fruit and one portion of vegetables into our lunch boxes every day.        


We created some absolutely super pictures last week using the concept of silhouette art, some sponges, lots of pain, some black paper and plenty of glitter. Check out our fantastic work in the picture below!

We then worked very hard on our entries for the Credit Union Art competition.  Best of luck everybody!  

Witch Walk

We were all super excited for our Witch Walk on the last day before the mid-term break.  All the boys and girls had great fun on their walk around the village to see the super scary displays put together by the parents in our community.  We enjoyed performing all our spooky songs, poems and chants.  Back at school we had great fun taking part in a parade around the yard, having a buddy dance competition and playing lots of Halloween games! Please see some photos of our fun day here.  Huge thanks to our school’s Parent’s Association for providing our well-earned treat bags in the afternoon!




First and second class have settled back into school really well and have been working very hard this month!

  • In English we have been learning and talking all about pets. We learned about lots of different types of pets and lots of the boys and girls told us all about the pets they have at home. We chatted about what our pets eat, where they live, what they like to do and how we care for them and keep them safe and healthy.  We have now moved on to talking all about the cinema!
  • We have also been working hard on our handwriting. Second class have just started learning cursive writing and they are doing very well with this big step.
  • We have also been working hard on our oral Irish this month. Here are some phrases to practise at home:


  • Dia duit ar maidin. Dia’s Muire duit!
  • Conas atá tú?    Tá mé go maith./Níl mé go maith./Tá  mé tinn.
  • Tá pian i ____. (mo cheann, mo bholg)
  • Feicim le mo shúilín rud éigin a thosaíonn le ... (I spy with my little eye something beginning with...)


  • We have been working very hard on our ball skills during PE. We have been practising ball handling, throwing and catching, target throwing and we are now moving onto dribbling, shooting and footwork.
  • First and second class have also worked especially hard for Healthy Eating Week. We have been very busy learning all about the food pyramid and planning healthy lunches, breakfasts and snacks. We designed our own healthy packed lunch, created our own food pyramids, produced some beautiful still life drawings of fruit bowls and even baked our own healthy ‘oat and seed bread’ with some help from Suzanne and Ms. Carty. We then used our best handwriting to write up our recipe to display in our classroom. Well done everybody!

Here is our super simple recipe (written here by Sophie) for anybody who would like to try it at home!

Here is a link to our current Healthy Eating Policy: