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 A Brief Overview


Holy Family Primary School, Glenbrien is a four teacher, rural primary school

nestled just behind Glenbrien Village. The current new school building was built

in 1992 and we are lucky to have a school hall and extensive grounds. The

school has a very dedicated and hardworking teaching staff, some of whom have

only joined the school in recent years. The staff shares a common goal and

approach to education – the holistic development of every child who enters the



In the busy modern world, the school is grateful for a whole school staff,

who always give so generously of their talents and time.

There is a vibrant school community in Glenbrien and we are very lucky to have

a very active and supportive Parents’ Association.

The PA run a schedule of events every year that enriches the educational

experience of all the pupils in the school.

The Board of Management ensures that both the staff and pupils of the school

are well supported and resourced.


The school motto is ‘Ní Neart Go Cur le Chéile’